Nice to meet you!

I get asked all the time how did I get my dream job working with The Monkees.

Here is my story.

Davy Jones

I first met Davy when he was doing his book tour in 1988.

When Davy wrote his autobiography, I was 12 years old, my parent's took my sister and I all over the east coast to stand in line with the thousands of others screaming for Davy.

Micky Dolenz 

The first time I met Micky was in 1990 

The first time I met Micky was at the Garden State Arts Center in Cherry Hill NJ.  

Peter Tork

I first met Peter in 1993

My first time meeting Peter was a the Tin Angel in Philadelphia when he was touring with Shoe Suede Blues.

Michael Nesmith

I first met Nez in 2013

After the Monkees performed at the Beacon Theater, I had the opportunity to go backstage.  I saw Nez's dressing room and I begged his daughter to let me in of which she made my final dream come true.

Working with The Monkees

Never Expected this.

As a 12 year old, I became a fan after the show was in reruns on Nickelodeon. I saw my first concert with Micky, Davy and Peter in 1986 and my life changed. I became a huge fan ever since.  
I was working with Butch Patrick, {Eddie Munster} when he was contacted about the Davy Jones Memorial Convention, shortly after Davy had passed away in 2012.  I immediately called Butch telling him we must confirm when I also reached out to the producer of the event offering my help.
From then on, my life turned into a Monkees life.
After running small events  for both Micky and Nez, I was asked by Michael Nesmith in 2014 to join his team at Videoranch.  Shortly after, I was also working with Micky running meet and greets, eventually producing Sing with Micky events.
Everything else has been a dream come true, having the opportunity to meet fans from all around the world, travel with my favorite people while helping raise money for charity.
I do have a dream job.  I know it and I appreciate it everyday.
Thank you for visiting.
Hope to meet you!


It started for me in 1986

Still going strong today

Welcome to my Monkee Office

The first time officially meeting Micky and Peter

WMMR Philadelphia.  I paced the floor from 9 am till 5pm.  Once I got through, I lost all function of my brain.  After hanging up, I was screaming so loud, my dad took the cordless phone and through it out the window. I was pretty out of control. Right after this we went to the Mann Music Center where Weird Al opened for The Monkees.