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How To Pack?
Is this your first cruise?  Forget what you packed on your last cruise? Let me try and help.
I am going to give you some ideas of what you want to bring. 

First off, by the day 3 or 4 you will be over the excitement of what you are wearing and how you are looking.  TRUST ME.  
Day one you want to look great.
Day two you want to look good.
Day three you want to wear your pajamas and drink.
Here is what I am suggesting.
Depending if you wash stuff in the sink, which I do not, you may not need as much as I suggest.

Keep these on you and not packed away in case of anything happening to your luggage.
4.Bathing Suits (3-4)
7.underwear (you want at least 2 pairs a day)
8.A light jacket
10.pair of jeans or nice pants
11.sneakers, flip flops 
12.night clothes
15.seasick arm bands
16.charging station for usb as there are NOT many plugs in your rooms.
17.Nice outfits for dinner
18.anything you want autographed from the guests.
20.hairdryer is in the room.
21.You are not allowed nor is there a steamer or iron.
23.body wash and hair shampoo/conditioner is provided.
24.razor, shaving cream fan
26.toothbrush, toothpaste
27.charger for watch
28.headache medication
29.sunglasses/reading glasses lens solution

Still Need A Hotel?

Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

3900 NW 21st Street Miami, FL 33142

The Room Block is under MickyFan