Welcome to Monkee Mania Radio


For years, we have been wondering why The Monkees do not have their own radio station on Sirius XM. They certainly have enough music, not just as the Monkees but also the solo careers of Micky, Mike, Peter and Davy. The days of asking WHY are now over. Well......... Welcome to Monkee Mania Radio. This is an internet station that will be found on Live365. Not traditional radio where you get in the car and pop on your favorite station, this will be through the internet that you can listen to everywhere you want. Live365 covers all the licensing, allowing all of the music to be streamed all over the world in a legal manor. You will hear old stuff, new stuff, solo stuff, never released stuff and interviews encompassing over 50 years of these illustrious careers. Everything played will have some connection to The Monkees. Please help us make this a dream come true for fans and give The Monkees the respect that they deserve. Where can you listen? EVERYWHERE! All around the world! Exactly how you listen on Sirius, this comes through the same internet you are using right now. This allows you to have the station play anywhere you have your computer or phone. Easy! Except, this is NOT SIRIUS XM!!! Exactly how you put facebook, twitter or anything else on your phone or computer you would do with live365. There are many other shows on there as well. There is zero fee for this. No subscription. ALL FREE. On a plane, on a train, in the car at a bar. At your desk and all the rest! Every dollar counts! Nothing is too small and everything is appreciated. If you plan to listen please help with even $5 bucks. If we do not reach our goal, kickstarter refunds all pledges and that’s that. Everything Monkees, Solo, Stage, Interviews and more. Everything will be related to The Monkees. The goal is to kick the station off to launch the first day of summer, June 21 or before. Risks and challenges None of the Internet DJ's are taking any money to make this happen. Everything is coming out of their individual bank accounts. We really could use help to make this the most enjoyable experience as possible. This is going to happen but with your help, it will make our lives easier to afford the time invested. Your donation goes to paying monthly service fees for the station to be on air which pays licensing fees, Our website, the program that allows us to upload the incredible database of music, advertising to get our name out around the world for all fans for the first 2 years. We need a proper hub for the music. We must use a computer that can house it and command the correct internet speed. Though our target is 5k, the real goal is $7500 allowing this to be at the level we really want to produce at. Thank you for anything you can do, it is much appreciated.